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Application of 1x2, 1xN Fiber Optic Switch

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Application of 1x2, 1xN Fiber Optic Switch

Optical switches play an important role in the optical network, which not only constitute the key device in WDM network of switch cores, is also a key component in optical networks.

Optical switch with its high speed, high stability, low crosstalk which has become the research focus of the major communications companies and research units. Optical switch has broad market prospect, it is one of the most promising optical passive devices. Its scope of application as below.

Protection switching function: Optical switches are usually used for network fault recovery. When a fiber breaks or other transmission failure occurs, the use of optical switches enable signal circuitous routing, switching from the main route to the backup route. This protection usually only need the simplest 1X2 optical switch.

Network monitoring: At the far end of fiber test point, through the 1 x N optical switch to make the plurality of optical fibers connected on an optical time domain reflectometer, the optical switch could be realize monitoring of all fibers through switching. In addition, using the optical switch can also insert a network analyzer in the optical fiber lines to realize network online analysis. This optical switch could also be used in optical fiber device testing.

Testing of optical devices: Allow to take multiple waiting for metering device through the optical fiber connection, through 1 x N optical switch, you can monitor each channel of optical switch signal to test device.

Applied OADM and OXC(Optical Cross Connect): Optical multiplexer mainly used in upper and lower annular MAN, to achieve a single wavelength and a plurality of wavelengths from the optical path up and down freely, without the need for multiplexing or multiplexing electrolysis process. The OADM which is implemented by the optical switch can be realized through software to control dynamic fluctuation at any wavelength, thereby greatly increasing the flexibility of network configuration. OXC consists of the optical switch matrices, it is mainly used for cross-core optical network connection, to achieve optical networks fault protection, dynamic optical path management and flexibility to add new business.

In the life, optical switch is applied to many places, because the broad scope of application and a lot of function of the optical switch, now the optical switch has developed to a very advanced technology, the use of the optical switch can be on the network optical layer functions with a protective effect, so that the network speed becomes very fast. Optical switch development contributes to the survival and development of the network, greatly improving the efficiency of the network, because of the optical switch is the above several kinds of functions, so the network become key components indispensable.

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    Application of 1x2, 1xN Fiber Optic Switch

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