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New Opportunities for MEMS Optical Switch Market

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New Opportunities for MEMS Optical Switch Market

When it comes to the optical switch, we have to talk about MEMS optical switches. For a long time, many of the passive components manufacturers are eager to enter the market MEMS optical switches. However, the stability of MEMS optical switch, and the maturity of the production technical has always been a problem.

In the present optical switch in the field of telecom Normal working situations, only if you need to switch fault line, the average annual number of switches is not more than one hundred times. In the below of 32 channels optical switch market, the general mechanical optical switch is enough applied. Only in the application of the Internet needs continuous switching, MEMS optical switches is used. The future of the Internet may open a new market for MEMS optical switch. As for the stability and production process problems of MEMS optical switch, in recent years had also gained some new progress. Quite a long time in the future, mechanical optical switches and MEMS optical switch market will coexist.

Why the development of internet bring opportunities for the optical switch market? Because the vast majority of data in sensor networks may be discrete, data extraction interval may be in the range of 1 microsecond, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc., but the day may be referred to the frequency of data thousands of times, this for mechanical optical switches, they may be limited by switching time. and MEMS optical switches will fully reflect its advantages.

In many areas of electric power, environmental protection, agriculture, industrial automation, networking applications gradually increased, also will bring new opportunities for MEMS optical switch market. Moreover, the optical switch itself can constitute a sensor, and it is able to react according to whether have light signal. In M2M machine communication networks of the future, optical switches will play a greater role.

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    New Opportunities for MEMS Optical Switch Market

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