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Fiber Optic Switch - Small product, broad prospect

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Fiber Optic Switch - Small product, broad prospect

Traditional optical switch market, mainly in equipment protection, line protection and patrol areas such as telecommunications. In fact, the optical signal processing, optical switches can also play a big role.

1X2 optical switch array can be configured logic gates, it is the core of optical signal processing network in the future. The optical switch technology itself compared with the electric switch technology, on the one hand, the costs declining. On the other side, its anti-jamming, long service life, anti-radiation, low loss, low drive cost, low maintenance costs advantages are very obvious. But more importantly, even if the silicon optical technology to obtain mature, silicon optical integration is difficult to replace the existing light switch.

Although the optical switch in field of optical passive is a small product, but the prospect is very broad. To trunk cable per hundred kilometers need a optical switch to count. In China more than 3 million kilometers of fiber optic cable network will need more than 30,000pcs optical switch, local networks and the demand of the access network will be more than 100 times, along with the Internet and optical signal processing the demand in the future, the optical switch can be continued good market prospects.

According to the data, the global optical switch market from 2010 was 1 billion yuan, and 2013 year had close to 3 billion yuan, and the global production of optical switch is basic in China. The manufacturer of China face of such a fast-growing market, with its own technology and market advantages, make people full of expectation of future development.

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    Fiber Optic Switch - Small product, broad prospect

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